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“Along your pathway of life, you will observe that you are not the only traveler. There are others who need your help. There are feet to steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage, hearts to inspire and souls to save.”
– Thomas Monson –

Many precious “travelers” have made the dream of Board30 Naples a reality and I’m grateful to Susan Brewer for inspiring me to “jump on board” and bring Board30 Naples to life! A Board30 guru, Susan drew me to Board30 Santa Fe to learn from Board30’s creator Floery Mahoney where I experienced an effective, efficient, integral and inspiring workout like never before. I believe it’s a game changing approach to fitness and trust you will too!

I opened Board30 Naples in May of 2020 and am inspired everyday by our growing and caring Board30 tribe! As the Owner, Manager and Certified Board30 Instructor of Board30 Naples, I’m committed to help you feel, be, look and live your very best. To me, that’s healthy, holistic and balanced living and the Board30 transformational system aligns with just that! My dedicated and talented team and I are honored to provide you with this unique approach to fitness with full body integrity.

Whether you are new to fitness, a seasoned athlete, a Naples local or “traveler” of our paradise, we welcome you and can’t wait to meet you on the Board!

Gratefully in your service,

Carlene Murray
Studio Owner


OWNER • CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOr • Certified Health/Wellness & Life Coach


To me, living in daily gratitude is everything and when I think of the road that has led to open Board30 Naples, I’m grinning gratefully and living the dream! A Boston native then Cincinnati snowbird, making my full-time home in Naples, FL and the people I have met along the way are some of life’s most beautiful blessings. I bring my passion and experience to Board30 Naples as a certified Health/Wellness and Life Coach with a fitness journey that has run the gamut from runner, spinner, weight trainer and everything in between. As both coach and client, I know well the gains and pains of the long game of fitness so, when first introduced to Board30, I found this unique first-of-its kind approach to full body strength, endurance and integrity truly a game changer!

As Owner, Manager and Certified Instructor, I’m committed to offer you an empowering experience that’s inspiring, transformative, efficiently effective and must always be fun too! When not in the Studio, I truly love coaching my clients, cycling and paddle boarding, spending time with my delights; my son Connor and daughter Shannon in NYC, my loving family in Boston, advocating for children, strolling the beach with Eric and savoring our journey together with our Belgian Malinois, Lyra.

I can’t wait to meet you on the Board & share LIGHT! Living. In. Gratitude. Here. Together.




My name is Eric Smithers, I have been an athlete my entire life, and I have participated in a variety of sports. For the past 15 years I have been practicing karate, hold a third degree blackbelt, and fought under kickboxing and Muay Thai rules. That experience, and injuries that inevitably came with such competition, has taught me to meet my body where it is at any particular time. That is what draws me to Board30 Naples as an instructor. Resistance band exercise allows you to improve your strength and muscle endurance no matter your age or stage in life.

When I am not in the studio I am boxing, running, or spending time with Carlene on our next adventure. Please stop by, take a class and see what Board30 Naples can do for you.

I look forward to seeing you at the Board30 Naples studio!


B30 Restorative band & Stretch Class Creator


Hi, I’m Melanie Solis! I’ve been practicing Yoga for almost 30 years now and hold multiple certifications including Bal vinyasa Yoga and have taught all modalities of Yoga with a focus on Power Vinyasa Flow and Hatha. I discovered Board30 Naples after an injury and subsequent ankle surgery and found Board30 Naples’ workout really instrumental in not only my healing but in regaining and increasing muscle strength and mobility, flexibility, stability and balance and my overall stamina. My personal Board30 journey is living proof that this approach is really transformational.

I am loving sharing Board30 as a certified instructor and also proud to be the creator of our unique B30 Restorative Band & Stretch class too!

An Alabama native, I’ve made my home here in Naples for 30 years and have proudly raised two amazing young adults. I enjoy living life to the fullest, biking, paddle boarding and kayaking and treasure my family and friendships including those I’ve made at Board30 Naples!

I look forward to helping you on your fitness journey and meeting you on the Board!




Hi!, I’m Alyssa and I’ve been a Board30 Naples client and member from DAY ONE! I bring my experience to Board30 Naples as a certifed instructor combining my extensive experience in CrossFit and also as an elite Soccer player playing for The Premier Women’s League, Naples City FC! I love the variety of moves in every Board30 Naples Full Body workout and also that every session is always different and challenging to every muscle.

I enjoy music and creating fun and vibrant playlists for my workouts and look forward to seeing you in the studio!




Hi, I’m Stefani and I am dedicated to supporting business owners and launching brands! As Board30 Naples Brand Director, I’m devoted to our business integrity, crafting brand experience, event planning and ensuring an amazing experience for our clients. I bring my experience and passion for photography, videography and marketing to Board30 Naples with a shared mission with Carlene to help others live their very best with a fit and strong body, mind and spirit. As a fellow time crunched entrepreneur and mother, I believe Board30 Naples is an efficient and effective approach to wellness. It’s accessible and an inspiring fitness game changer, body changer and life changer too.

I’m thrilled to be “on board” and share in Carlene’s dedication to help others evolve and elevate to live their very best.




We are thrilled to introduce Jennifer Samuels as our new Board30 Naples certified instructor! A lifelong athlete, basketball player, mom to 4 (ages 20, 15, 14 & 10!), Jennifer was first introduced to Board30 Naples by her mother Debbie and you can find them most days working out at Board30 Naples together! Fitness has always been a core element of Jennifer’s life and also essential to model by example, living an active, healthy and fit lifestyle to her children as well.

When asked, “Why Board30 Naples?”, Jennifer shared that the full body 30 minute workout is unique, so varied every time and just feels amazing!

Jennifer brings an exuberant and authentic energy to Board30 Naples and leads her classes with spunk and humor too! Look for her on our schedule and enjoy her inspiring style!




 We’re thrilled to welcome our new certified Board30 Naples instructor Maura Dennis! Don’t you just love serendipity? As a Board30 Naples fan and dedicated member, through a lingering conversation and learning Maura’s extensive and varied experience in fitness and studio management, along with her warm bright positive energy, easily prompted the invitation to join our Board30 Naples Team!

A Chicago native, Maura made the full time move to Naples in 2020 and brings her extensive experience instructing The Daily Method, Barre, Fusion, Cycle, Club Pilates while also serving as a manager at various studios too!

A wife, a mom of her 23 year old son and lover of life, Maura enjoys tennis, the outdoors and staying active. She loves meeting new people and brings a positive, grateful and thankful energy to everything she does!

Join us in welcoming Maura to our Board30 Naples family! We’re thrilled to have her here!




Hi there! I’m Shannon Murray and I jumped on board in support of my Mom bringing Board30 to Naples because I found Board30 to be a game changer in my approach to fitness and health.

I’ve had a passion for all things sports and fitness from a young age and as an athlete, I played competitive volleyball for 10 years. After a serious back injury, I explored all areas of fitness seeking an approach that made my body feel protected and strong.

As a “boutique fitness fiend”, I found Board30 Naples to truly be the perfect low impact workout that changed my physique in just a few weeks! The combination of strength training, cardio, core, and stretching offered modifications that safeguarded my back while still challenged me in strength, cardio, and core. The high intensity interval format provided results that were so effective in a short amount of time.

I love being a certified Board30 Naples Instructor and enjoy returning to Naples to guest teach when I am in town. There is nothing more I love than coming home to this warm welcoming community!

As a University of Miami Grad and spending a fair share of my time in South Florida, you can expect my playlists to consist of upbeat, fun remixes you might hear on Ocean Drive!

I can’t wait to meet you and witness what Board30 Naples will do for you!





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